Gossip squash: Arjen Robben’s juices and a child that is not Manuel Neuer

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

There are always a lot of dumb rumors going around that news and social media outlets are all too eager to spread and that people are all too willing to believe. So as a public service, we here at DT bring you the reality check that will keep you from looking like a gullible Guti.

Arjen Robben spit on Bacary Sagna maybe! (The Mirror) — No, he didn't. This one started on Twitter during the Arsenal-Bayern match because of this clip from the broadcast:

It appears some kind of Arjen Robben head juice dropped on an unsuspecting Sagna, but to anyone who is familiar with the differences between perspiration and saliva and isn't desperate to feel outraged, it's clearly just sweat. And yet, it still prompted so many condemnations of Robben that he felt the need to state the obvious in defense of himself.

From ESPN:

"If I ever did that you could drag me off and ban me for 10 games," Robben said. "I don't have much hair and the sweat just dripped off.

"I must make this clear: I did not spit. I would never do that in my life. If I ever spat at an opponent, I'd never be able to show my face to my family ever again."

Now let's never talk about Arjen Robben's bodily fluids ever again.

Look at this picture of Mesut Ozil and Manuel Neuer in the same youth team! (Twitter) — This started to circulate after Neuer saved Ozil's penalty attempt early in that aforementioned Arsenal-Bayern match. It even found its way onto Manuel Neuer's official Facebook page. The problem? While that definitely is a young Mesut Ozil pictured with the Westfalia youth team, the blond goalkeeper on the end isn't Neuer.

Though the two future German internationals did go to the same school, Neuer spent his entire youth career with Schalke (pictured here...for real). It was eventually deleted from Neuer's Facebook page by whichever oblivious and now terrified social media consultant posted it, but not before it racked up 30,000 "likes." The true identity of the kid next to Ozil in the picture remains unknown. Maybe it's Iker Casillas!

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