Goalkeeper turns his back to penalty kick in protest

Brooks Peck
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When a club takes issue with a series of referee decisions in a given match, the usual protocol is to surround him and shout obscenities at him until he loses complete faith in humanity, but Vointa Sibiu took a more drastic approach when its Romanian Liga 1 match against Petrolul Ploiesti went wrong.

After 50 minutes, Vointa was losing 2-0 and had two players sent off, including the first choice goalkeeper. Later, with Vointa down 3-1 in added time, another penalty was awarded to Petrolul on a questionable call, which put Vointa over the edge. The entire squad, except goalkeeper Remus Danalache, walked off the pitch as Petrolul prepared to take it. And when they did, Danalache took the protest a step further by turning his back on the shot.

This, of course, is against the rules, so the kick had to be retaken with Danalache facing the shooter and standing still as a statue with his arms outstretched while looking as disinterested as he possibly could. The match ended 4-1 to Petrolul, and unless its proven that someone bought off the ref, Vointa probably comes out of this looking worse.

UPDATE: Vindication for Vointa -- the referee was reportedly suspended for six months as a result of his performance in this match. The referee commission will likely fight the extreme length of that ban, though.

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