This is what a goal-line technology test looks like

Just two months away from the International Football Association Board's decision on whether to implement goal-line technology in competitive matches, testing on the two options being considered has moved into its second stage. And though you might imagine that testing to be some kind of cross between "The Matrix" and "Tron," it's actually more like setting up a display at a discount sporting goods store.

From the AP:

Experiments with the Sony Corp.-owned system were conducted at Southampton's St. Mary's Stadium on Thursday. Hawk-Eye is a camera-based ball-tracking system used in tennis and cricket.

The other system being considered by the International Football Association Board is the GoalRef system, which will be tested in Danish matches.

GoalRef, owned by a German-Danish company, uses a magnetic field with a special ball.

Whether the testing results in goal-line technology being implemented after IFAB's final decision on July 2 remains to be seen, but at the very least, the Aston Villa scouts attending the session may have found their replacement for Emile Heskey.

Here's a video about the test...