Report: Gisele Bundchen to present World Cup trophy to winners in Brazil

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Thanks to the Brazilian government's decision to spend $11 billion on a World Cup while the economy and public services are in dire straits, president Dilma Rousseff is not exactly Mrs. Popularity right now.

[Photos: Gisele Bundchen, sports superfan]

When she and the equally maligned Sepp Blatter were introduced to the crowd before Brazil's opening match with Croatia, the pair were loudly booed.

For security purposes, it is being reported that presidents Sepp or Dilma will not be presenting the World Cup to the winners at the Maracana on July 13th. Instead, that honor will go to un-booable Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

From the Boston Globe:

So who’ll hand the trophy to the winner? Brazil’s most beautiful export: Gisele Bundchen. We’re told Tom Brady’s supermodel spouse was asked by FIFA to do the job and, barring any riots that would make it unsafe, she will. As for her husband, we’re told he’ll be joining Bundchen in Brazil.

It makes sense to substitute the maligned leaders of Brazil and FIFA for an aesthetically pleasing local, and there seems to be no fixed tradition for the handing over of the trophy. In 2010, it was Mr Blatter who handed the trophy to Spain in his lovely scarf. In 2006 Fabio Cannavaro was given the gold statue by some men in suits who grabbed it off a table, while in 2002 Blatter and Pele appeared to wrestle each other to hand it over.

Suffice to say, Gisele looks better in a bikini than any of the previous trophy handlers.

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