Gigi Buffon confirms that Francesco Totti is immortal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Roma have won all seven of their matches this season and 37-year-old captain Francesco Totti has scored three goals and set up six others in support of that achievement. How can a man of his advancing age (for a footballer) do this? Well, there's only one explanation: Francesco Totti is The Highlander.

Italy captain Gigi Buffon confirmed Totti's immortality when asked if he could still have a place in the national team. From FourFourTwo:

"As I've already said, Totti can be considered a sort of immortal player under certain points of view," the Juventus man said.

"His current physical and mental conditions along with his technique and natural skills make him a player able to make the difference in any occasion and at every age."

Buffon went on to say that if Totti, who recently signed a two-year extension with Roma, is still playing as well at the end of the season as he is now, "No one would have any doubt" as to his inclusion in the national team for the World Cup next summer. If he were to make himself available for selection.

Totti officially retired from international football in 2007 and though he has flirted with the possibility of a return, it never quite happens. It seems conceivable that the combination of a fine season with Roma and continued good form and good health could lure him into one last international hurrah in Brazil, but that's nothing more than October interlull conjecture at this point.

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