Germans go to court after Borussia Dortmund flag in neighbor’s yard “makes too much noise”

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The poor fans were drowned out by the deafening din of flags (Getty)
The poor fans were drowned out by the deafening din of flags (Getty)

Borussia Dortmund fans love nothing more than waving huge flags on the Westfalonstadion's famous Südtribüne terrace, and few people complain. When those flags get displaced to domestic residences, however, it seems our German friends like to lawyer up.

According to German newspaper Der Western (also known under the hilarious acronym "WAZ"), a married couple are taking legal action because a Borussia Dortmund flag in a neighbor's back yard is disturbing them.

The chief complaint about the black and yellow flag,—which is about two meters wide and is held up by a five-meter pole—is the fact that it makes too much noise, and prevents them from reading in peace. Seriously.

The Guardian reports on the grumpy couple from the town of Hemer, on the outskirts of Dortmund:

They said the sound of the black-and-yellow banner flapping prevents them from reading a book in peace. "I couldn't care less what is hanging there, it's a nuisance," [the wife] Jutta H told the newspaper.

Her husband said the complaint had nothing to do with the team. He said he is a Duisburg fan but has not been to a game since the late 1970s. "This is only about the inconvenience," the 62-year-old man said.

BVB—who sell the incredibly noisy flags in their club shop—have declined to comment on the matter, saying they do not get involved with disputes between neighbors. The case will not be heard in court until at least the summer, so for the sake of the plaintiff's ear drums, one must hope there are only gentle breezes in Hemer in the next few months.

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