German man infuriated by FIFA 14 smashes television

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

This video starts out with a common scene — a few friends sitting around, playing FIFA 14 and drinking. It looks like there's Jagermeister on the table, which should give you a clear indication of where this clip is headed.

Trash talk leads to shoving and it would seem that the third friend is filming because the man losing the match has a reputation for getting angry when the game doesn't go his way (everyone has that friend...or is that friend). When the trash talker in the backwards cap scores another goal, his opponent immediately loses his mind and chucks his controller at the TV, busting the screen. He then finished the job by punching the screen and beating the TV into the ground while his friends laughed and laughed and laughed.

Anyone who hasn't played FIFA might think this is an overreaction, but anyone who has played it knows that the game is out to get you and sometimes this is just what it deserves.

Video via 101gg

UPDATE: According to this eagle-eyed analysis of the video, the whole thing might be fake and the TV might've been broken already. But maybe it was just from an earlier FIFA rage. All that matters is that FIFA will make you want to destroy everything. That much is indisputable.

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