German footballer to stand trial for armed robbery

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Guido Kocer
Guido Kocer

If you have a troubled past that may affect your ability to work, it's customary to inform a new employer of the situation. Unfortunately, Guido Kocer, a 23-year-old forward playing in the 2. Bundesliga, neglected this concept when he signed for Erzgebirge Aue this year. Imagine their surprise when they learned he could be heading to prison for between three and fifteen years for armed robbery.

In April, while playing at third division SV Babelsberg 03, it's alleged that Kocer was involved with a gang who robbed a casino in Berlin. In a statement on the club's website, he admits that it was dishonest not to mention his history when signing for his new club, and that he is ready for the sentence that may be coming his way:

"I know that I am accused and that a punishment is coming. At present I can only say that I made a huge mistake, and that is inexcusable.


"I will get my just deserts."

Despite the revelation that their new signing may be overly familiar with firearms and casino security, Aue club president Bernd Keller is supportive of Kocer:

"Everyone deserves a second chance, and it cannot be that he suffers for a lifetime."

A court date has yet to be set, but Kocer's legal team hope the sentence may be lessened due to his compliance with proceedings.

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