Gerard Pique wears zombie make-up for no apparent reason

Dirty Tackle

Footballers only have to work for a few hours a day, so they have to find something else to fill their time. Some chose Xbox, some choose pretending to play the piano, but Gerard Pique apparently chooses getting full zombie make-up applied to him for the heck of it.

During Barcelona's recent goalless trip to the Vicente Calderon to face Atletico Madrid, a female fan in zombie make-up held up a sign that read "Pique, if you give me your phone number, I'll make you into a zombie! From another #zombiefan".

The Catalan defender is a fan of the TV show The Walking Dead and his interest was piqued (sorry) enough for him to retweet the picture above and follow up with the banner-based request.

So, at the risk of angering Shakira and getting zombie Catfished, he met up with some random girls he met online and had zombie make-up done. Why? Because he could.

The amatuer make-up artists, known as Carminsky Camps, did such a good job that Pique fulfilled his promise and handed over his digits. "Hope you enjoy the phone number," he said in a Tweet.

Clearly, the moral of this story is its OK to meet up with strangers online if they promise to make you look like an animated corpse.

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