Gerard Pique is having a very bloody World Cup

Brooks Peck

Spain defender Gerard Pique is not having the most fun World Cup ever. First, he took a Gelson Fernandes boot to the side of the head just before the Swiss midfielder scored the goal that gave Spain its shocking opening match loss. That left him bleeding from the noggin as the Swiss celebrated. Not a good start to the tournament.

On Monday, even though Spain got a desperately needed win over Honduras, the pain parade continued for Pique as he took yet another boot to the face. This time, Honduras' George Welcome caught him right in the mouth with a accidental kick that left Pique drooling blood on the pitch. After going off for treatment, he returned with a mouth full of cotton that looked like quite the choking hazard.

And if bleeding from all different parts of his head wasn't enough, earlier in the match he blocked a shot with his crotch. As awful as all of this was for him, at least one person got some chuckles out of his misfortune. While Pique huddled in a fetal position on the pitch, wave after wave of throbbing pain emanating from his pelvic region, the referee stood over him with a big, toothy grin on his face. Like this ...

Sure -- it's all laughs and hand waves when you're not the one who was just sterilized by a Jabulani and mere minutes away from your mouth hole being turned into a blood faucet. Laugh it up, whistle boy.

Anyway, at this rate there's a good chance Pique will lose a limb during Spain's final group match against Chile. Or at least, like, half a pinky.

Photos: Reuters

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