Gerard Pique blasts in an own goal off his knee, sums up Barcelona’s futility against Bayern

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Bayern Munich beat Barcelona 3-0 in the second leg of their Champions League semifinal to advance to an all-German final with an astonishing 7-0 aggregate score. The only goal Barcelona managed to score in the tie was a Gerard Pique own goal in the 72nd minute, which he drove into the net with an attempt to clear a Franck Ribery cross that went off his knee.

Though Thomas Muller added one more goal just four minutes later, that moment stomped out whatever semblance of morale Barcelona had left. After the match, Pique confirmed just how bad it was and made it clear that Leo Messi watching from the bench didn't change anything. From Football Espana:

“Perhaps this was the worst moment of my career at Barcelona,” he told reporters.

“With or without Lionel Messi, the result would have been the same.”

As abysmal as it was, this result could actually prove beneficial for Barcelona. As I've said before, Barcelona's extreme level of success in recent years caused them to stagnate out of a desire to not change what was working so well. But now it's not working quite as perfectly against all comers anymore and Bayern Munich have made that very clear. This shouldn't mean the end of an era or the changing of the guard. It should just prove to Barcelona that it's time to adapt and modify and continue on.

Just one of those days, Gerard. Just one of those days.

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