Geoff Shreeves makes sure Rafa Benitez knows that Chelsea fans booed him

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With just a few days to prepare, Rafa Benitez led Chelsea to a dismal 0-0 draw against Man City in his first match with the club. Chelsea fans made their feelings for the new manager known from the start, booing him and singing their praise for the ousted Roberto Di Matteo while Stamford Bridge was spotted with "Rafa Out!" banners.

After the match, professional killjoy Geoff Shreeves interviewed Benitez and made absolutely sure that Rafa knew that no one in the building liked him. Reminiscent of his insistence on drilling Branislav Ivanovic with the fact that he would not play in last season's Champions League final due to yellow card accumulation, Shreeves asked Benitez about the "absolutely awful" reception he got. When Benitez said he was too focused on the match to notice, Shreeves reiterated just how horrific it was. To his credit, Benitez tried to force a smile and remain positive, but Shreeves pressed on, saying all he could to try and ensure that the Spaniard would drink drain cleaner immediately after the interview finished.

Finally, once he essentially told Rafa three times that Chelsea fans would rather watch Alex Ferguson make love to their mothers than have him as their club's manager, Shreeves ends by asking, "Can you say you enjoyed today?" And that's when Benitez should have made him eat his own microphone.

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