De Gea now has so many free doughnuts, he’s sharing with others

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

So this is what it's come to. Criminal mastermind David De Gea now has so many free doughnuts that he's giving them away to teammates...after he takes a bite first.

Though they were a little late to the party, the Spanish media is still enjoying David De Gea's Krispy Kreme Kaper, so a reporter for Punto Pelota caught him on international duty and had a doughnut with him. But since they obviously weren't the Krispy Kremes David can't help but scarf down even before paying for them, De Gea only took one bite before handing his off to Iker Muniain.

Again, this just shows how far reaching De Gea's genius plot really is. All he did was take one measly little doughnut, which he didn't even really get in trouble for despite getting caught, and now he's getting all the free doughnuts he can eat from jokester teammates at Man United and Spanish reporters back home. Who else gets free doughnuts in two different countries? No one. The man is far and away the greatest criminal genius of our time.

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