Galatasaray fans attack Turkish TV station for suggesting Real Madrid Champions League victory

Dirty Tackle

As Galatasaray prepare to play in their first Champions League quarter-final since 2001, tempers are beginning to flare in Turkey. When pundits on Turkish TV channel Beyaz suggested that Real Madrid would win Wednesday evening's match at the Bernabeu, a small contingent of Gala fans reacted in a completely reasonable and rational manner by attacking the TV station.

According to Haber Turk, around 35 to 40 fans turned up at 2am on Tuesday morning brandishing sticks and stones (perhaps intended to break bones, as names will never hurt them).

Security footage from Beyaz TV — which, somewhat ironically in light of the team being discussed, translates to "White TV" — shows the confrontation was pretty violent, but the assailants were unable to get past the fearless security guards. According to the report, one TV station employee was seriously injured and had to be taken to hospital.

See video of the aftermath below...

Video H/T: 101GG

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