Galatasaray fan prank calls Ashley Young, Man United avoid crazed airport welcoming committee

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When Manchester United traveled to Istanbul to play Galatasaray in 1993, they were greeted at the airport by a mob holding "welcome to hell" signs that Sir Alex Ferguson describes as "quite frightening." On Monday, they avoided the terminal packed with flare-wielding fans and riot police (videos below) by taking an alternate, underground exit, but they didn't avoid the pre-match harassment of Gala supporters entirely.

If the video above is to be believed, one Galatasaray fan got past the operator at Man United's hotel later that night by saying he was Lewis Young, Ashley Young's little brother (and winger for Yeovil Town). After a bit of tedious miscommunication and name spelling, the caller is put through to Ashley's room and when he confirms his target, he shouts "Welcome to hell, brother. This is Istanbul!"

Following Man United's loss to Norwich at the weekend, that call was probably nowhere near as terrifying as what Ferguson did himself.

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