Future News: Roy Hodgson’s Euro squad selection criticized before he makes it

Brooks Peck
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England's newly appointed manager Roy Hodgson has been slated by the press and public for his Euro 12 squad selection, even though he has yet to select a squad. Certain that Hodgson's picks for this summer's tournament will be disastrous, pundits and fans have united in decrying Hodgson's personnel decision before he's made them.

"It's a shambles," said pundit Quintin Taylor. "He's already ruined England's chances. He's going to waste a roster spot on Wayne Rooney even though he's got the two-match ban. Or he's going to leave him out when we're certain to need him in that final group match. Both are terrible decisions. Then he'll take John Terry and alienate Rio Ferdinand. Or he'll leave John Terry out and ruin our backline. Hodgson is clearly out of his depth."

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Hodgson was put in the England hot seat instead of press-favorite Harry Redknapp, which has made the start of his tenure even more difficult.

The Sun, meanwhile, published a scathing review of Hodgson's yet to be decided roster. "We haven't seen the England squad, but the selections could not have been worse," said the country's most-read newspaper. "Harry Redknapp would have assembled a very similar yet far superior team. He also would have cured glaucoma, whereas Hodgson has probably given everyone bird flu with this roster. The streets will run red with the blood of the nation's turtles."

Despite the dramatic criticism of Hodgson's selections, all hope is not lost. Concluded Taylor: "Hodgson has already turned this into a complete disaster and he can never be forgiven. I still think England will win it, though. This is definitely our year."

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