Future News: Portugal’s plane leaves before Cristiano Ronaldo can board

Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to spent a few extra hours in Ukraine after missing Portugal's flight home. The team's captain and leading scorer, who earlier missed the chance to take a penalty in Portugal's Euro 2012 semifinal shootout loss when Spain won before his turn in the order, was left shaking his head and pulling up the legs of his shorts as he watched the plane fly off without him.

"It was just a question of me speaking with the travel planner," said a clearly distraught Ronaldo. "She said to me, 'Do you want to sit in the fifth zone -- in the back of the plane?' and I said 'yes.' Sometimes I sit in the first, the second or the third. I agreed to take the fifth. And then I went to get a Cinnabon and the plane took off without me. It's an injustice. And that Cinnabon gave me indigestion."

Though Portugal manager Paulo Bento realized the mistake only after landing in Lisbon, the flight's captain, Ted Mendes, wasn't upset about the mix-up.

Said Mendes: "If he [Ronaldo] wanted to be sure he was on the plane, he should have boarded sooner. Maybe if he did, he would've sat next to the emergency exit and Bruno Alves wouldn't haven't knocked the door open mid-flight. But then again, maybe not. I'm not a psychic, I'm just a pilot. And a strip club DJ on the weekends."

Ronaldo did eventually catch another flight home and in the end, he said he had only one regret: "Seriously, that Cinnabon was a mistake."