Future News: Pep Guardiola to coach Bayern Munich from New York next season

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Following the confirmation that Mario Gotze will move from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich for €37 million this summer and Bayern's 4-0 thrashing of Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League semifinal, Pep Guardiola has announced that he will coach the German champions from his home in New York next season.

Guardiola, who established himself as Europe's winningest manager during his time with Barcelona, was named Bayern's next boss in January. In the time since, Bayern have clinched the Bundesliga title with a 20-point lead in the table, reached the DFB Pokal final and built up a commanding lead over Barcelona in the Champions League semifinal under outgoing manager Jupp Heynckes. This has prompted many observers to quip that Guardiola, who moved his family to New York City after stepping down from Barca at the end of last season, won't have much to do once he takes over at the club this summer. And it's an opinion that Guardiola himself seems to share.

"I don't think Bayern will need me to be physically present all the time or, you know, at all," Guardiola told reporters on Tuesday. "I am enjoying life in New York and the amount of time I spend with my family, so I wanted to take a job where I wouldn't have to change any of that or do any actual work. So Bayern seem to be the perfect fit. I plan to keep living here in New York and maybe I'll Skype with the players every few weeks just to say 'hi' next season. Or I'll have them put up a large picture of me giving the thumbs up in the dressing room. But even that's not necessary."

After losing the Champions League final to Chelsea in a penalty shootout last season, Bayern have refocused and become a dominant force in European football even with the very public impending managerial change that has loomed over the club throughout the second half of the season. Given the impressive state of the team Guardiola will inherit, he's set his sights on non-traditional goals for his tenure with the club.

"I'm hoping to become the first manager to win the treble while living on a different continent and never wearing pants on matchdays," Guardiola declared. "I'll probably read a book in bed during most of the games, but I've already set my phone to receive goal alerts. I would say that it will be a challenging experience, but it probably won't be."

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