Future News: Cristiano Ronaldo unfamiliar with anyone who isn’t Cristiano Ronaldo

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Days after revealing that he has never heard of Borussia Dortmund phenom Mario Gotze, Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that the only footballer he can name is himself.

When asked which players have caught his attention, if not Gotze, Ronaldo replied, "Myself. In the mirror." Others in the room laughed at his statement thinking it was a joke. Ronaldo glared at them.

Reporters than asked if he could name any other players besides himself, prompting Ronaldo to shake his head and snap, "Other players? Your pranks are not funny. Next you will say the sun appears in places where I am not."

The Real Madrid star's revelation comes after German tabloid Bild questioned him about Gotze and received a response of: "Who's Gotze? In what position does he play? Is he good? I have little opportunity to see Bundesliga games."

Later pressed to name another footballer and asked if he could at least list one of his teammates, Ronaldo turned his head at an angle and said, "team...mates?" as if the word had been made up on the spot. He ended his time with the assembled press shortly after that, claiming to have a headache that could only be remedied by watching YouTube videos of himself.

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