Future News: Cristiano Ronaldo no longer sad after hearing iPhone 5 details

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Cristiano Ronaldo has announced that he is no longer sad after seeing Apple's highly anticipated unveiling of the iPhone 5. The Portuguese star first told the press that he was "feeling sad" after refusing to celebrate his goals in Real Madrid's 3-0 win against Granada. Since then he has refused to elaborate, only saying that the people who work at Real Madrid knew why he was sad and that it had nothing to do with wanting more money. But now Ronaldo has said that the improvements to the new iPhone have put his sadness behind him.

"This has been a very difficult time for me," Ronaldo told reporters with a relieved smile. "My teammates have known that I've been extremely unhappy with the current phone for a while now. I no longer have the nicest case. The camera doesn't produce magazine quality pictures, then the screen is too small to see those pictures of me and don't even get me started on the earbuds. They're very ineffective at drowning out other people's voices. It's terrible. Kaka has an earlier model of the same phone and his doesn't even ring anymore.

"I didn't want to say anything publicly and put pressure on the company before," Ronaldo continued. "But now that I've seen the presentation I'm confident that everything I wanted is being addressed. Better camera, bigger screen, these new 'EarPods.' Finally someone not wearing a bikini read my mind and did exactly as I wanted!"

Though Ronaldo's recent sadness has not hurt his production on the pitch, the speculation over it has been a distraction for Real Madrid. The club has been forced to deny rumors that he wants to leave, while his teammates have been questioned as to whether he is upset over a lack of their support for himself and his closest friends in the squad. Ronaldo's happiness about the new iPhone should put those concerns to rest, though.
When asked if this meant an end to his sadness, Ronaldo replied: "Yes. As long as I get my iPhone 5 before Iniesta does."

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