Future News: Carlos Tevez refuses to come off bench in Palermo testimonial

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Carlos Tevez has once again refused to enter a match after starting on the substitute's bench, this time during Martin Palermo's testimonial in Buenos Aires. Tevez, who has been frozen out at Manchester City since pulling a similar protest during a Champions League match against Bayern Munich in September sparked outrage from both teams taking part in the tribute to Palermo, a friend and former international teammate.

"When I told Carlos to prepare himself to enter the match, he started swinging an imaginary golf club," said a confused Palermo. "I said that probably wasn't the best warm-up for football and he lost it. He refused to play and demanded we sell him to a charity match several blocks closer to his house."

When asked for comment on the matter, Tevez claimed he does not speak Spanish and couldn't understand what Palermo was telling him. It was then pointed out that he said that in Spanish and Tevez then ran away.

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