French weather girl Doria Tillier promised to do her show naked if France reached the World Cup

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SEXY UPDATE: Mademoiselle Tillier has kept her promise! See the video at the end of the post...

After laying down in the middle of the field and letting Ukraine walk all over them in the first leg of their World Cup qualifier, very few people expected France to bounce back and earn a spot at next year's tournament during the return match at the Stade de France on Tuesday. In fact, a poll in Le Parisien newspaper found 80% of its readers believed Les Bleus would have nothing to do next summer, with 16% saying they would not even continue to support the team. Sacrebleu!

Among those giving a Gallic shrug to the chances of Franck Ribery and co was French weather presenter and actress Doria Tillier.


The resident meteorologist on Le Grand Journal de Canal+ was so confident that the team would not overcome the 2-0 deficit from the first leg that she vowed to present her segment "à poil" ("butt nekkid") if they did. You can see her making the promise in the video above.

When France went even on aggregate last night, Tillier clearly began to rue and lament her bold offer:

"Damn... 2-0 to France. I'm starting to stress."

Of course, Les Bleus eventually defied expectation with a rousing 3-0 win over Ukraine, sending the team to Brazil next summer and leaving the nation of France expecting a nude weather report.

Tillier has yet to announce whether she will fulfil her vow, but Canal+ will almost certainly be getting record viewing figures for Wednesday evening's edition of Le Grand Journal.

UPDATE: Tillier has shown she is an excellent sport and a lady of her word...kind of:

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