Free kick taking pitch invader gets praised by judge, crowdfunds his fine

Free kick taking pitch invader gets praised by judge, crowdfunds his fine

Jordan Dunn, the 22-year-old pitch invader who took a free kick during Spurs' 1-0 win over West Ham in the first week of the Premier League season, has truly lived the dream of all pitch invaders.

After getting hauled off by stewards and spending a night in jail, Dunn returned home to a level of international notoriety that impressed his friends. He told The Mirror:

"I know it was a mistake, but it was definitely worth it.

"My phone hasn't stopped going off and even Gary Lineker tweeted about it. My mates think I'm a legend."

But it wasn't just Dunn's mates who were impressed with the shot. At his sentencing, which could have maxed out at a £5000 fine and a 10-year stadium ban, the judge handled the matter with a bit of humor.

From the BBC:

Passing sentence at Thames Magistrates' Court in east London, District Judge Gareth Branston said: "You had consumed alcohol and your stride pattern was a bit out of kilter, but to borrow a phrase you did bend it like Beckham.

The judge said the effort was "easily" saved by the West Ham goalkeeper, but referred to Christian Eriksen's subsequent free kick from the same spot, saying: "I understand that the professional footballer who followed you did not do any better."

He also said it was a "small mercy" that Dunn had "decided to remain fully clothed".

Judge Branston ended up fining Dunn £305 and didn't impose a banning order. The West Ham supporter then took his legend status to another level by attempting to raise the money to pay his fine on GoFundMe. After one day, he's nearly raised the full amount.

And that's the story of Jordan Dunn: The ultimate pitch invader.

(Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

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