Frank Lampard’s shot was too fast for linesman to see

South Africa 2010 has served up a veritable Pu-Pu platter of officiating mistakes, the finest of which may have been Frank Lampard's "goal" during England's Round of 16 clash with Germany. Linesman Mauricio Espinosa failed to spot that the long-range effort was several feet over the line, but it turns out it's actually all Lampsie's fault. Yes, the England midfielder hit his shot too hard, making it far too quick for the Uruguayan official to see. The Daily Mail quotes:

"It was a very fast shot that I did not see properly, even though I was located in the right place.

"We didn't see a replay in the dressing room at half-time but you could sense what had happened.

"It was only when we saw the TV that we realised what happened.

"I feel quite sad about it because we had prepared for such a long time for the World Cup.

"It could have happened to anyone, unfortunately it was us. You just have to accept it. Life goes on."

One has to feel sorry for a man who has failed to see a football when his sole duty is to look at a football for 90 minutes. But the "fast shot" excuse seems a little weak: It was a looping long strike that didn't have half of the velocity of Carlos Tevez's rocket of a goal against Mexico. Still, England fans can continue to seek solace in the fact that they won a World Cup in 1966 based on a controversial incident like this, and that Germany would have spanked them anyway.

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