Franck Ribery tackles his own teammates: France summed up in a picture

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When France lost its final group stage match to already eliminated Sweden, the warning signs were already in place that the team hoping to forget its infighting and epic meltdown at the 2010 World Cup still had a bit of that left in it. And though losing 2-0 to Spain isn't exactly the most embarrassing way to go out of a major tournament, looking as disinterested as France did after doing a bit more in-fighting earned the appropriate headline of "A logical end for Les Bleus" from L'Equipe.

During the second half of the match, with France trailing Spain 1-0 and with virtually no hope of equalizing, a moment that summed up the French team pretty neatly occurred. In a rare moment of possession, French defender Anthony Reveillere was trying to keep the ball away from Xavi. Franck Ribery, meanwhile, anticipated Reveillere would lose the ball and tried to intervene, but all he did was shoulder barge Reveillere to the ground before losing the ball himself to allow a Spain attack that resulted in a goal kick.

It was an odd scene and though Ribery didn't mean to take out his own teammate, it was a clean hit and exemplified the lack of communication in the squad. Either that or it shows just how far Ribery will go to play a prank.