Former England international keeper leaves new club after a week, cites homesickness

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The summer transfer window has been open a short time now and a number of players have already made moves to new clubs, countries and even new continents, but former England goalkeeper Richard Wright might be the only to have already joined and left his new club.

The 34-year-old Wright, who signed a one-year deal with League One side Preston North End one week ago after being released from his third spell with Ipswich Town, says he quickly realized that he couldn't stay in Preston while his family was back in East Anglia. So, after just a few days of training with the Lilywhites, he has decided to leave the club with immediate effect.

From Preston North End's official website:

Speaking about the decision [Wright] said: "It might seem somewhat dramatic, but I have only been away from my home in East Anglia for a few days and I know already that I simply cannot live that far away from my family.

"I have children settled in school, so moving isn't an option. I think it is only fair to be honest now rather than down the line when the Club may not be able to solve the problem that I am creating."

Wright is correct that it's best he figured this out now, before the season starts and while North End still have plenty of time to find a replacement for him. And luckily his manager for the week, Graham Westley, saw it that way too. "It takes a brave man to be honest in a difficult situation like this," said Westley before wishing Wright well and delving back into the exciting hunt for a backup League-One level goalkeeper.

Wright has had his share of moving around throughout his career. After starting out with Ipswich and going to Euro 2000 as England's third-choice keeper, he had spells of varying lengths with Arsenal, Everton and West Ham. In his third stint with Ipswich last season he made just one appearance (down from two with Sheffield United the season before). And now he knows that following Didier Drogba to China probably isn't a consideration.

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