Footballer learns that telling fans 'I hope you all die' is frowned upon

Brooks Peck

It can't be fun getting booed by supporters, but when you're getting paid to perform for their enjoyment, you have to find ways to deal with it. And announcing on Twitter that you hope they would all die is not an acceptable way of doing that. Aldershot striker Marvin Morgan found this out the hard way when he did just that on his own (now locked) Twitter page.

From the Guardian:

Aldershot have suspended Marvin Morgan, fined him two weeks' wages and placed him on the transfer list after a "foolish" comment he made about the club's fans via Twitter.

The League Two club issued a statement after meeting the striker, who was booed when substituted during the club's 2-1 defeat to Hereford on Monday.

Morgan responded to the crowd's reaction by later posting a Twitter message saying: "Like to thank the fans who booed me off the pitch. Where's that going to get you! I hope you all die."

According to Aldershot, Morgan has expressed remorse, while the club branded the remarks "completely irresponsible".

So when footballers aren't revealing secret team information on Twitter, they're using it to wish death on the fans. Again, it's only a matter of time before clubs stamp out this vehicle of honesty and start including Twitter rules in all player contracts.

Photo: Getty Images