Football manager in coma opens his eyes when told his team won

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A football manager who spent a week in an induced coma after a devastating car accident opened his eyes when his wife told him that his team won their first match of the season.

According to the Bath Chronicle, Larkhall Athletic manager Wayne Thorne suffered a ruptured artery, 16 crushed ribs and shattered his hip and pelvis in the accident which happened while he was driving home from his day job as a kitchen fitter. But his wife Mandy credits news of Larkhall's 4-3 win in their first match of the Western Football League Premier Division season for the physical response.

From the Guardian:

Mrs Thorne tweeted: "We have told Wayne the score & when Gaz said Lyno scored he opened his eyes."

Doctors told her that her husband was lucky to be alive. "Football and sport and being active, that has been his life, so when he was in his coma we were told to talk to him," Mrs Thorne said.

"On the first Saturday Larkhall had a game and me and his brother told him the score and he opened his eyes. I know studies have shown that they can hear you and me and his brother truly believe he heard us. It was brilliant to see, because he absolutely loves his football and is so dedicated to Larkhall Athletic."

And to further illustrate just how much he loves his team, Thorne's wife also said that just after the crash he was refusing pain medication and "talking about missing the football." Hopefully Larkhall can keep winning to continue helping Wayne's recovery.

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