Football Guessing Game: What happened to Allardyce’s lip?

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Welcome to the very first edition of the fastest growing game in the world of football, "What's on Sam Allardyce's lip?!" This week, we have an image of the Big Sam from his unveiling as West Ham's new manager on Wednesday and, as you can clearly see, there's something on his bottom lip. Let's go to the guesses!

-Remnants of the chocolate wedding cake he had for breakfast.

-The result of fighting squirrels in the park.

-Something he got after sharing a glass of wine with a hobo.

-An attempt to one-up David Villa by growing a soul patch on his lip.

-A mark he got from licking Sharpie pens.

-The reason you don't tell Scott Parker that he has "the haircut of a greasy ponce who probably fondles himself to opera music."

-And, of course, there's The Big Sam's explanation.

Thanks for playing, everybody. We'll see you next time on, "What's on Sam Allardyce's lip?!"

[Theme music plays, audience claps, everyone contracts lip fungus]

Photo: Getty

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