‘Football is getting really boring,’ says Neymar after getting sent off for scuffle

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Neymar was shown the fifth red card of his career just before halftime in Santos' 3-1 loss to Ponte Preta. The referee's decision was baffling to Neymar, who swiped an opponent's hand away from his face in the midst of an argument before getting shoved in the face by another Ponte Preta player. Both Neymar and Ponte Preta defender Arthur were sent off, leaving the world-weary 21-year-old to bemoan the arbitrary strictness of modern football.

From the AP:

"I don't know what happened. We were challenging for the ball, I got kicked and was sent off," Neymar told reporters.

"Neither of us should have been sent off. Football is getting really boring, for the players, supporters and television viewers."

Maybe that's why he keeps going from one ridiculous hairdo to the next.

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