First cover of new magazine depicts a crazed Jurgen Klinsmann hoisting a skull and Mexico players on pikes

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

You might remember the mentions on DT of a campaign to raise money for a new football magazine that promised "distinctive, original writing about American and international soccer, as well as some of the most striking art and design you'll find in any publication being made today." Well, Howler Magazine surpassed its fund-raising target and as they prepare to release the first quarterly issue, DT is the first to reveal the cover image (above) that fulfills the promise of featuring the most striking art and design. And it does that with an artist's depiction of U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann covered in war paint and stained with the blood of his enemies in front of Mexico players impaled on pikes and burning Aztec pyramids. You know, that average cover shot that you've seen on a thousand magazines before.

The image is juxtaposed with the decidedly more understated title of "Klinsmann wins a friendly" and the two combine for a joke about the U.S.'s 1-0 win in a friendly against Mexico in August for their first ever win at the Estadio Azteca and Americans' excited (over)reaction to it. It also might be a detailed representation of what Klinsmann sees whenever he closes his eyes.

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Here's how the people at Howler explain the cover:

The win and the reaction to it, gave us an idea: What if we commissioned one of our favorite artists, Diego Patiño, to represent the victory as experienced by U.S. fans? Diego came back with this, a delightfully over-the-top illustration of the mild-mannered Klinsmann running riot in Mexico. It's a comment on just how far (and how quickly) our imaginations and our love for a team can carry us, and what a potent brew that can be—something we were reminded of again after this past week's loss, and then triumphant win, versus Jamaica and the roller-coaster of emotions that accompanied them both.

You can see a sample of what's inside the issue on Howler's Tumblr page and you can order it here.

(Disclosure: I will be a regular contributor to Howler starting with issue 2.)

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