When fighting your teammate over who takes a free kick goes wrong

Brooks Peck

In a Turkish Super Lig match against Sivasspor on Friday, Eskisehirspor's Pele (not that Pele) and Sezer Ozturk both really wanted to take the injury-time free kick. With the match even at 1-1, this was the moment for one man to step up and be a hero for his club in front of the home fans. This was the moment for one man to put his fortitude on display and prove his supremacy. And both players wanted to be that man. So much so that they fought over the ball like greedy kids in a schoolyard.

Pele ended up winning out and after looking to the bench for some backup that wasn't there, Ozturk relented and took his position away from the ball. "All right, tough guy. You want it that bad? Let's see you screw this up so I can rip on you mercilessly until the club finally sells you to a third-division side for a bag of oranges," Ozturk probably thought. He would have the last laugh. They'll never let anyone but him take a free kick again. They'll see.

And then, with a little help from the bottom corner of the near post, Pele curved in a beauty of a free kick. Goal. 2-1 Eskisehirspor. Game over. Pele threw down his shirt and slapped his chest as if to say, "Yeah. Now what, son?"

Meanwhile, Ozturk walked up the pitch, blowing his nose in his shirt and trying not to stare at his celebrating teammates. "Whatever," he thought. "Whatever."

Video via @ChrisToy