FIFA 15 perfectly captures James Milner's battle for attention

Maxi Rodriguez
Dirty Tackle

Quiz time: what's the most important day of the year? This isn't a trick question; come on, out with it. No, it's not Mother's Day. No, it's not your birthday. What? Of course it's not President's Day. No, the most important day of the year is FIFA Day, the day when EA Sports debuts the trailer for the latest iteration of the series.

EA Sports debuted the trailer for FIFA 15 at the annual E3 conference on Monday, and while it looks pretty much exactly the same as previous versions of the series, save for a crowd that looks slightly less generic, there are a few new features to be aware of.

Among the revolutionary features promised for this year's game are new stutters and strides, shirt pulling, shoulder barges, and a pitch that wears throughout the course of a match. Did you read that?! A pitch that wears throughout the course of a match! LOOK AT THE THE PIXELS PER SQUARE INCH OF GRASS DIVOT! IT'S LIKE I'M IN MY OWN YARD!

A screenshot from FIFA 15 shows a depressed James Milner.

Slightly more exciting is FIFA's introduction of a radical emotional intelligence system, which promises to have players display their feelings on the pitch based on the context of the match. Whether that means Rafa Marquez indiscriminately horror tackling opponents is unclear. But based on this screenshot of James Milner longing for any bit of attention, from anyone, we can be certain this year's version of FIFA will be the most realistic yet.