FIFA 13 can recognize when you swear at the referee

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

EA Sports shared a bit more detail on FIFA 13 at the annual E3 conference on Monday, and while it looks like any other FIFA game that will mercilessly suck up far too many hours of your life, there are a few new features.

Perhaps most notably is the Xbox Kinect voice recognition, which allows you to control aspects of the game simply by speaking commands. It also has a "refereee feedback feature" that recognizes and tracks every time you scream expletives at the referee when he makes terrible calls that are clear evidence that the game cheats to prevent you from doing too well (I swear it does) and the game will react to your verbal fury.

EA Sports chief Andrew Wilson unveiled this new feature at the conference with a demo video, but EA also released the first gameplay trailer that shows off a bit more of the game. Have a look...

With the addition of that "battle for possession" feature, it appears you'll be able to employ Zlatan Ibrahimovic-style face slaps when fighting for the ball.

And finally, you can watch another video about all the rest of the totally real FIFA 13 new features here.

Videos via 101gg

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