Will Ferrell interviewed during Mexico v Colombia match, answers all questions with ‘Chicharito’

Brooks Peck

During halftime of the Colombia's 2-0 win over Mexico in Miami on Wednesday night, Will Ferrell appeared on the Spanish-language telecast with co-stars Diego Luna and Genesis Rodriguez to promote their upcoming movie, "Casa de mi Padre."

Though Will speaks Spanish in the film, he doesn't have a strong grasp of the language in real life. So when the match commentator asked him a couple of questions about the movie, he decided to play it safe and just reply with the name of Manchester United's beloved Mexican striker Chicharito (who had nothing to do with the film). To each question he was asked. And that's how you make friends at Univision.

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Video this way (warning: it autoplays)...

Video also on the Univision site here.

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