Fernando Torres says he should be doing much better at Chelsea

Brooks Peck
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In a retrospective of his time with Chelsea for the club's TV channel, Fernando Torres made it clear that he's not peddling any ego-driven fantasies about what he's done since arriving nearly three years ago. Though scoring a memorable goal in the Champions League semifinals against Barcelona two years ago and finishing with 23 goals in all competitions last season has tempered some of the scrutiny from its hasFernandoTorresscoredyet.com peak in 2010 and 2011, there's still a lingering sense of unfulfilled potential for the Premier League's most expensive player of all time. And Torres agrees that he still has more to prove.

From Sky Sports:

"The people are looking at me thinking I should do much better and it's true," he told Chelsea TV. "The reason you pay that money for someone is that he has shown in the past he is worth that.

"Now what you have to show is you can have the same value or even more value for things you have done at Chelsea.

"I know I have many things to do at this club to give the confidence back to the owner. The amount of goals I scored last season should be the minimum," said the 29-year-old, who is currently sidelined with a knee injury.

Just eight of the 23 goals Torres scored last season came in the Premier League (up from six the year before) and six were in the Europa League. Torres has scored twice in eight appearances this season, but he's still looking for his first Premier League goal of the campaign even though he has shown encouraging (and controversial) flashes of his old fiery self.

In total, Torres has scored 37 goals in 139 appearances for Chelsea across all competitions after scoring 81 goals in 142 appearances for Liverpool. That's obviously not the kind of return on investment Chelsea expected for £50 million. But winning the Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup after four seasons without a trophy at Liverpool have made it worthwhile for Fernando.

"I'm so happy to have made that hard decision in my career to come to Chelsea," he said. "Over time you can see all the success that we've had as a team so everything was worth it."

With that said, Torres still feels that his treatment has been a bit much.

"There has been an overreaction about everything. Overreact when I did a miss or if I have a red card or I hit the crossbar instead of scoring a goal.

"It was a good season (last year), a good number of goals (23) that gave us a chance to fight for trophies but if you ask the people, they will say he can do better, should do better.

"It's like I said, with me good things are looking so-so and bad things are looking really bad."

Given the circumstances and how Torres established himself as one of the best strikers in the world before moving to London, it does seem a bit curious that he can't see why that is. Football, at its core, is entertainment. If brilliance is suddenly replaced with weakness, fans are going to focus on the tragic comedy of the situation.

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