FC Basel defender sent off for misinterpreted celebration after winning goal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

FC Basel beat Servette 2-1 in a Swiss Super League match on Sunday with two goals from 21-year-old defender Aleksandar Dragovic. With the score even at 1-1, Dragovic scored in the 63rd minute to give Basel the lead for the second time on the day. And then things took a turn for the strange.

From Reuters:

After heading the winning goal, Dragovic ran along the touchline making an aggressive gesture with his arm before celebrating with the Basel bench.

The Austrian, given a second yellow card after the referee interpreted his behaviour as a provocation to the home supporters, was sent off amid chaotic scenes, with his team mates having to restrain him.

"I had a bet with our assistant coach. If I scored with my head, I would have to run around the field," he told reporters.

"The gesture was aimed at him, not the Servette fans."

The good news for Basel was that Servette's Omar Kissoko earned his second yellow card just three minutes earlier for "throwing the ball down in disgust." So Dragovic's sending off just put the match at 10-v-10 and Basel were able to retain their lead over the final half hour.

This isn't the first time Dragovic has had to face consequences for his silliness, though. Last season, after Basel won the Swiss Cup final, he had to apologize after playfully slapping Ueli Maurer, now the president of Switzerland, on the top of his head during the medal ceremony. Here's video...

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