Out of favor defender Gaël Givet says he would have “hanged himself” if left alone in Blackburn

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Gael Givet used to wear this kit quite a lot (Getty)
Gael Givet used to wear this kit quite a lot (Getty)

Once a stalwart of the defence that helped relegate Blackburn, Gaël Givet has effectively been frozen out at Ewood Park, having only played once since December.

The Frenchman—who is out of contract this summer—says that he is "done" with Blackburn Rovers, and that relegation to the second tier of English football has been "very hard to live with."

Frustrated by the fact that his club have priced him out of the market when approaches have been made by other sides, the 31-year-old gave an insight into the misery he has faced living and working in Lancashire. The Daily Mail reports:

'Luckily, I have my wife and two kids,' he said.

'If left alone in Blackburn, I'd have already hanged myself.'

It's a ill-judged comment that Givet apparently gave in jest, but it's probably not going to sit very well with his employers, nor the Blackburn tourism board. That said, I did once visit Blackburn for a few days of work, and it is a little like being at Disney World. Except there are no rides, no fun, bad weather, less entertaining mice and you don't feel entirely safe leaving your car unattended.

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