Fan bursts into England dressing room, confronts Beckham

Buying flights to South Africa, finding a hotel and picking up match tickets represents a considerable investment in both time and money, so fans at Green Point Stadium were understandably frustrated by the woeful display England put on against Algeria last night. While most chose to convey their disappointment via the medium of the "boo", one supporter took things a little further. Shortly after the game, reports on BBC Radio 5 Live suggested an angry fan had breached security and made his way to the England dressing room, and said reports have been confirmed by the press this morning. From The Telegraph:

The supporter managed to get past security at the Green Point stadium in Cape Town following England's lacklustre goalless draw against Algeria in order to berate the players.

It is understood he gained access to the team dressing room after the players had left the pitch.

The disgruntled fan is understood to have confronted former England captain David Beckham over the team's poor performance.

The man, who was dressed in an England shirt, was able to breach several levels of security in order to reach the team.

Of all the people that angry fan could have confronted, he went for Beckham. The guy whose sole purpose at this tournament is to stand on the touchline and look fabulously handsome in the official England suit. He could have shouted at Fabio Capello for the rigid and inflexible tactics that resulted in Wayne Rooney playing on the left of midfield, or captain Steven Gerrard, whose lack of ideas after the game almost matched his lack of ideas during it. But no, he went for the guy with the least culpability in the room.

[Photos: See more of soccer legend David Beckham]

After exposing a worrying hole in stadium security, Reuters this morning say that the fan is still at large, as the England security forces who ejected him allowed him to "slip away into the crowd" like a villain in 24, rather than handing him over to the police.

UPDATE: Beckham has now played down the event, claiming the fan was not aggressive and there was no scuffle. Becks says the invader simply said "hello" and walked out. Looks like it may have all been blown out of proportion. Also, like true leaders, Princes William and Harry have stepped up and taken the blame for the breach: "Harry and I left the door open, that's why it happened, it was our fault."

Here's video of Becks and William talking about the incident...

(Editor's note: David Beckham is serving as a global football ambassador for Yahoo! Sports during the World Cup.)

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