Fan attempts to backheel errant ball, ends up knocking the drinks out of his own hand

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

As Brighton & Hove Albion's U-21 team proved, backheels are dangerous. But this takes it to another level of devastation. During a Danish Superliga match between Nordsjælland and Randers FC, a shot that sailed over the goal and into the standing section of the crowd, where a man stood talking on his phone with a drinks holder in his other hand. Since he had no hands free, he casually attempted to stop the ball with a backheel, but that just sent it smashing into his drinks holder, destroying approximately €1,312 worth of stadium beverages.

Though it did appear one of his drinks survived the blast, this proves that like talking on the phone while driving, talking on the phone while backheeling only leads to terrible things.

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