A falla of Jose Mourinho poking Tito Vilanova in the eye

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Two years ago it was Cristiano Ronaldo gazing into a hand mirror, Last year it was Jose Mourinho kicking Pep Guardiola in the junk, but at midnight this March 19 Valencia's Las Fallas festival will stay with that Jose-on-Barca violence by burning a giant paper mache version of Mourinho poking Tito Vilanova in the eyeball. That lasting image from the brawl that followed Real Madrid's Supercopa loss to Barcelona at the start of the season, is, however, missing a vital figure from the actual event: The mustachioed puppet master.

It's unclear why they made Mourinho a tiny, gaunt man with a combover while Vilanova wears a children's sized jacket and makeup, but this thing is too wonderful to burn.