Falcao didn’t like stadium’s pre-match music, so he made them change it

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Prior to Atletico Madrid's match against Real Betis on Sunday, Falcao had missed three matches with a hamstring injury. So as he prepared to make his comeback, he wanted to make sure everything was just right. Including the music playing over the Vicente Calderon's PA system as Atletico warmed up before the match.

Unhappy with the song playing as he and his teammates got loose, Falcao repeatedly gestured to members of Atletico's staff to express his dissatisfaction. A game of whisper down the lane was then played by people who looked like they really did not want to be playing it and Falcao's wish was granted. "Gangnam Style" then started blaring throughout the stadium because Falcao is apparently the only person on the planet who isn't sick of that song yet.

Atletico went on to win 1-0 and Falcao played 80 minutes.

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