Fake North Korean news report shows World Cup triumphs over Japan, U.S. and China

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A parody of a North Korean state news broadcast claiming that the isolated nation's team won the World Cup group stage (despite not qualifying for the tournament) has some people convinced it's real and everyone giggling at its claims.

According to the video, North Korea sailed through the group stage with a 7-0 win over Japan, 4-0 win over the U.S. and 2-0 win over China, putting them in a playoff against Portugal. It also shows images of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un superimposed on the big screen at Rio's World Cup fan fest.

Though this is all clearly nonsense, it doesn't appear to be North Korean nonsense. The news anchor's voice doesn't match up with her lips and, according to Reddit user "crnprdian," the voiceover's dialect is all wrong. Then there's also the fact that most of the 2014 World Cup's matches are being broadcast in North Korea, albeit on a 24-35 hour delay, so the country's residents are aware of what is actually happening in the tournament.

Metro and the CBC have both fallen for the parody, presenting it as an actual North Korean state broadcast.

North Korea actually did qualify for the World Cup in 1966 and 2010, losing 2-1 to Brazil, 7-0 to Portugal and 3-0 to the Ivory Coast in South Africa.