Fabio Coentrao had no idea where he was supposed to be during Espanyol-Real Madrid

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With the Copa del Rey final to be played this coming Friday, Real Madrid decided to rest a number of regulars during their match against Espanyol. Defender Fabio Coentrao was one of those players not selected for the match, yet he still took a seat on the bench anyway. When his teammates who were supposed to be there caught on to his mistake, they had Iker Casillas inform him. Coentrao gave him the blank stare of a kid who was just asked about a homework assignment he forgot to do before laughing at his error.

Coentrao then went over to assistant manager Aitor Karanka to make sure everyone wasn't playing a joke on him and when he got his response, he immediately left the dugout and headed upstairs. Manager Jose Mourinho then joined in on the chuckles at Coentrao's expense while Cristiano Ronaldo pointed to his head as if to say "he's a dumbbell" upon being informed of what happened. And those two are good friends.

Having seen this, we now realize that one thing is certain: if Karim Benzema is laughing at you, something has gone very wrong.

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