Fabio Coentrao defends birthday cigarette by declaring himself an ‘excellent professional’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Real Madrid fullback Fabio Coentrao was caught smoking while celebrating his birthday with Cristiano Ronaldo. Though it defies logic, Coentrao is far from the first footballer (and surely won't be the last) to be caught with a cigarette. Still, Jose Mourinho excluded him from the squad for Wednesday's 1-1 draw against Villarreal (he has since been recalled for Saturday's match against Real Sociedad).

Coentrao has also decided to defend himself with the most convincing and objective argument he can come up with. From ESPN Star:

"It was my birthday and it was an occasional thing," Coentrao told Record. "I am very disappointed with what has been written in the press because no one can say anything bad about me.

"I am an excellent professional, I have always given everything for the clubs I have represented and it is not fair to put everything in doubt because of one isolated act."

Considering how much Real Madrid have invested in Ronaldo, anyone who subjects him to second-hand smoke should probably be thankful that they're not getting sued. You got off easy, Fabio.

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