The FA’s North American store compares Theo Walcott to ‘legendary Englishman Thierry Henry’

Dirty Tackle

Ever since the elation of hosting Euro 96 was crushed by the misery of losing to Germany on penalties, it's been a tough ride for England fans. There's been underwhelming selections, abject performances, missed tournaments and a consistent expectation of disappointment.

Just when things couldn't get any worse, Three Lions fans visiting the FA's North American merchandise store have learned a crushing revelation. It's not that a replica football shirt now retails for $107.44, but that Thierry Henry is in fact a "legendary Englishman."

All these years, French-born Henry has been helping France win World Cups and European Championships when it turns out he's actually as English as fish and chips! Why was he never selected by Sven or Schteve McLaren? It's time to write a sternly worded letter to your local Member of Parliament, good folks of England...

H/T: The Fiver

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