Ezequiel Lavezzi leaves training in his trunk to avoid Napoli fans’ ‘love’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When we last left Ezequiel Lavezzi, his girlfriend was complaining on Twitter about what a "s****y city" Naples is after her watch was stolen at gunpoint. Now, amidst rumors that Lavezzi would like to leave the club, he reveals to Argentine newspaper Ole that even when Napoli fans are trying to be nice, it can still be a bit too much to handle.

From Football Italia:

"Once I went to a shopping centre to buy some clothes and it took me three hours to leave! The traffic was blocked off by the sheer number of people and they had to call the police.

"There were other incidents too. Once after I scored against Milan, a fan told me he wanted to gift me a race horse. Sometimes I have to leave the training session locked in the boot of my car. I am certain no other place on earth provides love like this."

Smuggling yourself out of training seems a bit extreme (he couldn't just wear a mask or duck down real low?), but kind of worth it if it also means free race horses.

Suddenly those Mario Balotelli to Napoli rumors seem a whole lot more exciting.