An explanation: The 7 numbers Cristiano Ronaldo will wear on his boots against Real Sociedad

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Though it's too little too late to make a difference in swaying votes, Cristiano Ronaldo will be wearing his Ballon d'Or credentials on his boots during Real Madrid's match against Real Socieded on Sunday, a day before the award is given to Lionel Messi (probably). Nike has produced a pair of special edition CR Mercurial IX boots for Ronaldo to wear in the match that are white with a pink swoosh (contrary to what the overly shadowy picture above might lead you to believe). They also feature seven numbers highlighting Ronaldo's achievements from the 2011/12 season. Including having a birthday.

The meaning of all seven numbers are as follows:

-1st Spanish league title
-9 goals scored for Portugal
-14 games played for the national team
-19 first player to score against all 19 rival teams competing in La Liga in a season
-27 years old in 2012
-55 matches played in all competitions for club
-60 goals scored in all competitions for club

Just 100 pairs will be sold in February. They will probably be expensive.

Images via The Beautiful Gear