Everyone knows ref blew it, except Slovenian coach

Carter Daly

So by now you have heard that whatever the call made by Malian referee Koman Coulibaly was on Maurice Edu's disallowed goal, it cost the U.S. an important two points in their quest for qualification to the knockout rounds. Although the Yanks should still have a good chance to go through, pretty much everyone, from fans to neutrals to the entirety of ESPN's broadcast team, agrees that Coulibaly absolutely blew that vital call. Everyone, that is, except for Slovenian coach Matjaz Kek. Says Kek via Goal.com:

"I will not pass any judgement on the referee,” he said.

“Of course you can point out some decisions but I don't want to comment about that as I am still emotional. The game had lots of aggression but in my view the referee didn't have an impact on the outcome of the match."

Notice how the "still emotional" Kek makes it seem like his squad was also done-in by some of Coulibaly's questionable calls, before making the claim that Maurice Edu's wrongly disallowed goal did not have an impact on the result of the match. I don't know if Kek has yet to see a replay or was closing his eyes for the final stages of the match after the Bradley goal, but I think with a second look even he would agree that the U.S. were cost two points by the referee.

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