Everton pitch invader handcuffs himself to goalpost in protest against discount airline

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A pitch invader managed to handcuff himself to Joe Hart's goalpost during Everton's Premier League match against Manchester City at Goodison Park. The match was halted for about five minutes as police had to bring out a set of bolt cutters to pry the agitated man off the pitch.

His reasoning for the protest didn't seem to have anything to do with the game or the clubs involved, though. He wore an anti-Ryanair shirt in reference to the Dublin-based discount airline and he seems to do quite a bit of protesting against them and their allegedly nefarious recruitment practices. Here's a video of the same man (apparently his name is John) pleading his case against the airline.

So it seems he chose the match only for its media spotlight and not because he wanted to force Man City to bury Carlos Tevez up to his chin in sand or make Marouane Fellaini cut his hair.

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